4 Live Streaming Benefits For Your Brand

When brands and influencers team up and unite their respective audiences, it leads to remarkable results. Influencers have the power to tell a unique story and weave the brand into it by using interviews, Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes looks, or simply having brands co-host a stream. When you set your pricing, focus on the unique offering you have with live video, rather than on the number of hours you put in. The purpose of going live is to interact with your fans in real time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write a short outline for the live stream beforehand. If you go into it without a plan, you could end up with awkward silences or mishaps.

What are the benefits of live streaming

For businesses that engage in live streaming events with question and answer sessions, this allows the viewer from home to participate. To clear up the confusion about the benefits of videoconferencing tools versus live streaming, let’s use an analogy. Nod your head if you’ve ever been to cocktail party or happy hour. There’s no doubt that when you received an invitation to each, your expectations were clear. As on demand streaming videos offer editing opportunities, you can use more creative tools than live streaming. The length of the production and space for post-production gives video creators enough time to plan and execute their creative ideas.

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If you commit to promoting a brand you don’t like or know nothing about it, it shows. You’ll feel less enthusiastic about creating the content and won’t put any energy into it. Even if you can feign the excitement for a brand you don’t care about, promoting it will eventually take its toll and you’ll grow resentful of having to live stream about it. Setting up this dual, hybrid approach correctly is not for the faint of heart. Simply keeping up with the evolution of livestream technology is a full-time job.

What are the benefits of live streaming

But with live streaming, you easily see the size of your audience and how many people made a purchase or visited the brand’s website as a result. Streaming is an immediate and continuous method of accessing content from the internet. Twitch streamer Ludwig created an ad for Coinbase and integrated it into his live stream. His live video is a good example of collaboration with other live streaming influencers, as it also featured Mizkif, Pokimane, and QTCinderella.

Examples Of Influencers Using Live Streaming

Using both streaming video on demand and live streaming is an ideal way to make extra layers of value for your brand. It is also helpful to create a reliable core offering to power your business and emotionally connect with your customers for better user experience and engagement. People prefer watching an event that was streamed live again to kill time.

  • But what if you could expand your audience faster and grow your reach further?
  • Live streaming can boost your reach in terms of both attendees and speakers, he says.
  • Live stream also allows businesses the opportunity to interconnect and inter-promote their platforms.
  • VOD services are trending these days as more people are embracing online streaming like never before, especially in the times of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • I’d recommend bringing in an experienced production partner who will listen to your goals, tackle the technical workflows, and fashion the best meeting solution for your needs.
  • Producing professional-quality livestreams usually costs more.

As a business that wants to leverage VOD to power your marketing activities, you can create VOD services in any niche you operate in. By the very nature of live streaming, there is no post-production involved. Even if mistakes are there in your live broadcast, the real-timeliness will cover the flaws and make it more authentic. There might be planning involved in live streaming, but a little pre-production is involved.

People can watch videos whenever they want to, not when the programming schedule allows it. In this blog, we will be learning in-depth what is the difference between video on demand and streaming live and the significance of both for your business. Buffering is when the video or song you’re streaming stops for an extended period, so it can download more data. If you’ve got a slow internet connection, you’ll probably experience a lot of buffering.

Another benefit is that content owners can go in and manage these assets as needed. This includes cloud-based editing, trimming unwanted moments and the start or end of How to create a live streaming app a broadcast. It can also include setting up chapters, with the ability to jump to certain moments in the video, or offer a chance to manage the automatic captions.

Creators can use relevant digital tools that won’t work with live streaming videos. Restream recently introduced a new tool that makes co-hosting live streams a breeze. With Restream Pairs, you can send a live broadcast to both your channel and your partner brand’s channel at the same time. All it takes is scheduling your upcoming live stream with Restream Events, then sending your partner a secure link.

Why Influencers Live Stream

Miscommunication is both easy and detrimental to this kind of partnership. Double-check everything and ask for adjustments if needed. Reach a wider audience by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously. “For some of the associations we work with, up to 50 percent of people attending a live-streamed event have never attended a physical event in the past,” Blomquist says. This makes it a great tool for engaging those inactive members.

This can also examine potential weaknesses that can be improved upon. For example, you might notice during a moment in rehearsal that a segment could be improved if it had a visual representation, and so a demo or slide might be used to help. If you are working with a remote guest this can also be a chance to make sure things flow smoothly. Besides providing a valuable service for making content more accessible, this process also fuels an AI-driven search that is built into the service. This can be done at the library level, using a video portal included with IBM Enterprise Video Streaming, or at the player level, searching inside a video.

Ability to hold presenter-led meetings that avoid disruptions from attendees’ audio and video when configured correctly. Besides testing your connection, you’ll want to test your entire setup before the broadcast. This includes testing your camera, microphone and lighting. The goal is to make sure everything is satisfactory, avoiding last minute scrambles. If you have a remote guest and they are willing, try to get them to do the same, along with testing their own connection as well.

Services like Netflix and Spotify stream content to your local device and play as the file is transferred rather than waiting to download the file entirely. You’re probably familiar with the concept of downloading a file, in which you find and save an image, video, or program to your device from the internet. In most cases, you’ll need to wait until that file is completely downloaded and processed before you can open it. Here’s everything you need to know about streaming, including how it works, its pros and cons, and what you’ll need to stream effectively. When you stream a movie or song, the data is sent to you as it’s playing, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the entire file to download first. Always make sure you and the brand have the same expectations, deliverables, and deadlines in mind.

These platforms give presenters greater control over the message and flow of the show. At a concert, entertainers are fully invested in putting on a high-quality production. Similarly, during a Vimeo-Livestream event, for example, a production director follows a client’s show rundown and chooses which sources go live to the audience. The event can include interactive elements such as remote guests , Q&A from the audience and live polling. After the event, clients can collect lead-capture data and viewer analytics. Through an integration between IBM and Cisco, Webex Meetings or Events can be used to reliably live stream to massive audiences.

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But what if you could expand your audience faster and grow your reach further? By multistreaming — streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously — you can. Go live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and other popular platforms all at once by using a multistreaming tool like Restream. Influencer marketing is all about connecting with fans so you can share insights on your favorite brands with them.

Producing professional-quality livestreams usually costs more. What’s important is your upload speed, the higher than better. Also note that the optimal connection is one that is hardwired. If the connection drops in and out that will negatively impact the broadcast a lot. Try to stay as close to the router as possible if using Wi-Fi and mitigate others using the shared connection as well. If you are using a VPN and have the luxury of being able to turn it off, do so as this will help with your connection.

YouTube, for example, shows you when your viewers are online across all of YouTube in the last 28 days, so you can tap into this data to help schedule your live stream. Learn how marketers at top brands like Microsoft, Discord and Salesforce are using live video content to engage with customers and prospects and deliver results. On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, users who are live appear at the top of the feeds of their followers. It takes a lot less time to go live than it does to make a pre-recorded video, or video on demand . A three-minute VOD takes three hours to edit, but a thirty-minute live stream only takes 30 minutes, plus any prep time. Once a live stream is over, you can save the recording and repurpose it as a VOD as well.

What are the benefits of live streaming

Although streaming is great for saving on storage space, it requires an active and fast internet connection, and uses a great deal of data. Show that you’ve done similar work for another brand in the same industry and are familiar with their target audience. Some brands don’t want to work with influencers who praise their competition too much, however, so don’t focus solely on a brand’s competitors. Live streaming can boost your reach in terms of both attendees and speakers, he says. Attendees expect to be able to chime in and carry on conversations.

If you need more flexibility in creating content, publishing, and selling your videos, it is better to use video on demand instead of live streaming. These classes might happen both live and in person, but they work excellent when converted to on demand videos. While these membership VOD streaming platforms are simpler and cheaper to run fueled by evergreen content that has the potential to earn over a long period of time. This is how to use video on demand for generating significant revenue. In VOD, you just need to do the work once and create a valuable resource that can bring in recurring money. One major advantage of VOD streaming is that you can produce videos in large batches, upload them, and create an accessible video library with appealing content your customers will love.

Factors That Slow Down Streaming

What the audience sees is what the presenter points their camera at. Try watching the stream in real-time and engage with the event as it unfolds, this immediacy is one of the significant aspects of live streaming. If you need to create a more professional live streaming offering that you can properly monetize, you might need a live streaming solution. Another benefit of live videos is that it can be easily achieved to form a video catalog of on demand videos where users can watch the content you have streamed in the past. Live streaming opens so many opportunities for influencers to build their communities and make lasting partnerships with brands. Taking advantage of the real-time engagement live video offers not only brings you closer to fans but also attracts the attention of brand partners.

Continue To Cultivate An Audience Outside Of Streaming

Moreover, as all businesses have shut down their services, most of them are shifting online. For example, Fitness instructors who used to take regular classes in their studio have taken their studio sessions online to reach their clients directly into their homes. As the setup is quite simple and cheap, more businesses are leveraging live streaming. Chances are that you probably have access to the basic setup required for live streaming. Now that you know how to use video on demand, it’s time to look into when to use live streaming. Live streaming typically suits situations where you need to establish a personal and authentic connection with your audience in real-time.


Your connection must be fast enough or streaming playback will fail, with audio or video playback that starts, stops, stutters, and buffers. Streaming is immediate — streaming content starts to play more or less instantly, regardless of how large the audio or video file is. There’s no need to wait https://globalcloudteam.com/ for it to download in its entirety. Cosmetic brand Aveda hosted a series of live masterclasses featuring makeup and hairstyling specialists like Stacy Reid and Naomi Dove. Aveda has an archive of all its previous live streams hosted on its website too, which helps drive more traffic to the site.

Speed is perhaps the most common issue with streaming — you need enough speed to prevent stuttering and streaming failure. Likewise, you need a reliable connection, and that means Wi-Fi glitches and dead spots can cause streaming playback issues. You need to make sure your Wi-Fi is reliable, or use a wired Ethernet connection if possible. Streaming, on the other hand, lets you interact with the file as its downloading. This means that you won’t have to wait very long at all to start watching your movie or show.

The URL address is visible inside of the Webex dashboard, and same Channel URL can be used again and again so the URL never changes. Viewers watching the live stream on the Channel URL will see exactly the same thing that you would normally see as a Webex participant, but they will not have access to speak or be heard. Live streaming is a great way to take your business online and reach out to a global audience for better engagement. However, video on demand also holds equal significance if you want to ensure better performance of your business and build a long term asset on which you can count on. Face to face time with consumers allows businesses to humanize themselves and connect with their audience.

The content you create must be always relevant to the niche and exciting to your audience. You create a base for your brand with a library of video on demand content. Creating a live video together decreases production time and increases authenticity.

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