Front End Developer Interview Questions 101

Well, first, you want to make sure your page will support all the various characters of the language, so be sure to set character encoding to utf-8 at the very beginning. You also want to inform robots of the various languages in use in the doctype. Other than that, I’d say it’s implementation and domain-specific. Here is the list of most important questions that can be asked in interviews. Make yourself ready with this comprehensive list of interview questions.

Give some suggestions on how can we optimize our front-end page. For example, when we just want to update our name or any other specific information of our account, we can use the PATCH request. PATCHIt is similar to PUT and is used when we want to update a specific field of our data. For example, when we create a new account on any webpage, we generally use the POST request. Preprocessor files can not be executed directly on the browser. For example, Jinja is a popular templating language that works along with python frameworks such as Django and Flask.

HTML Doctypes are not elements or tags but rather a document type declaration. This document is used to tell the web browser the HTML version used or about any other markup language that is used on the current page. Having the right skills is essential, but those won’t come over night. Like any industry, experience and ability will be your foundation. If you are doing lots of front-end development you are on the right track.

Many hiring managers understand this, which is why some interviews are short on essay questions and more focused on workflow. Use progressive loading such as Lazy Loading to optimize the rendering of heavy elements, such as images and videos. In explicit coercion, the developer deliberately changes the data type of a variable using different in-built functions, such as String(), Number(), and Boolean(). CSS Preprocessors facilitate adding variables and functions increasing code reusability which makes development easier. CSS should be loaded in the head section to so that styling can be loaded before the page body loads, else the page will appear without styling.

front-end developer interview questions

Yangshun’s front-end-interview-handbook also gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself from time to time. Your developer resume will give the interviewer a good place to start with their questions, so be sure that it highlights your front-end development skills. They’ll be looking for competency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, user interface skills, and possibly other programming languages and libraries included in their tech stack. A great resource (the best resource?) for front end developer interview questions, is the H5BP list.

What Tools Do You Use To Test Your Code’s Performance?

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, and Chrome 1+ do six downloads per hostname. Sharding across two domains is a good compromise that improves performance in all browsers. But rather than keeping up with new technologies, it reveals whether the front-end developer being interviewed is also up to date with new features within the core technologies. The z-index property is used to stack elements on the z-axis. You can use z-index to override HTML’s default stacking order.

This data has no expiration, however, it is limited only to string data. Local data can be accessed using Javascript and HTML but cannot be transferred to the server end. Although local storage data does not have an expiration date it can be cleared by the user. Graceful degradation is when you have a fancy feature, such as a tab-based layout, but which would degrade to a stacked layout for a browser that can’t support whatever is generating the tabs. In other words, it allows users with an inferior browser to still access app content, but with a possibly more basic UI. A stylesheet is a template file consisting of font and layout settings to give a standardized look to a website or web application.

front-end developer interview questions

What makes this question interesting is not whether the frontend interviewee has used an MVC, but what his or her preferences and experience reveal. Candidates who are able to articulate why they use one MVC over another show that they are engaged in what they do, care about the technology and have considered different options. You want to be able to trust your frontend developer to keep up to date with which technologies are relevant and have a clear idea of when and what should be used. Are you hiring new frontend developers or are you applying to a frontend dev position?

Front End Interview Handbook

To keep a consistent look and feel to a project, there should only be one stylesheet. I like to ask this question to judge problem-solving, communication and team skills. IMocha has the world’s largest skills assessment library, with over 2500 questions across various domains. The most important thing to keep in mind is that hiring managers will want to know how efficiently you work and how well you will fit in with the company culture.

front-end developer interview questions

CSS Preprocessors make it easier to manage code as they allow the grouping of parent and child elements into modular blocks. Block formatting context is a type of formatting context in CSS that allows you to lay child elements based on the initial block layout rules. The most commonly used load balancing technique is called Round Robin. In this method, the requests are distributed across a group of servers.

This is because now, the web is not just limited to the desktop. Other organizations will ask technical questions during the interview. Or, you may be asked to complete a short skills test or debugging exercise while you’re in the office for your technical interview. However, the Window.onload is fired only when the DOM is fully loaded and ready with all the content including images, scripts, css, etc. Unfortunately, up to and including version 8, Internet Explorer doesn’t support files served as XML, although a number of other browsers do.

The outermost element that uses the block layout establishes the initial block layout rules. Every element laid inside the initial block will follow the same rules. The initial block rules are outlined by the CSS Box model. Elements in a BFC would have the same margins, borders, padding and would interact with other blocks in the same context. Local Storage – This data is stored on the client’s computer.

This might mean creating a single large sprite with all images used for the app, which can signficantly reduce page weight. It might also mean replacing PNG files with SVG files when possible. I’d also look for opportunities to re-create graphics using CSS when possible. So, in the above example, we may have shipped a very nicely designed page with stacked content and then later added the tabs. Starting with a baseline of usable functionality, then increasing the richness of the user experience step by step by testing for support for enhancements before applying them. The pseudo element property is used to style one aspect of an element, such as the first letter of a paragraph.

It allows me to be creative and learn a wide variety of skills. There’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment that comes from coming up with an elegant solution to a problem. When I’m in the zone, it feels like I am using all of my brain. There’s an endless amount of possibilities and problems to solve. Watching a script I wrote come alive is a magical experience. Sometimes we get so focused on landing the job, we forget to consider how it will affect us.

Php Projects

Coding, revising your code, and learning new tricks should be something you are doing all the time. Flask uses thread local objects internally so that user don’t have to pass objects around from function to function within a request in order to stay threadsafe. This approach is useful, but it requires a valid request context for dependency injection or when attempting to reuse code which uses a value pegged to the request. When you work on projects, you’ll have to problem solve, debug, and research possible methods to assist you.

  • When you work on projects, you’ll have to problem solve, debug, and research possible methods to assist you.
  • This course gives you insights into how interviewers think.
  • It allows me to be creative and learn a wide variety of skills.
  • You also want to inform robots of the various languages in use in the doctype.
  • The outermost element that uses the block layout establishes the initial block layout rules.

Fixed – A fixed position implies that the element remains fixed to the viewport, which means it stays in the same place even if the page is scrolled. The structure of the content is really important as this is what makes the pages readable. Additionally, properly structured content helps search engines understand your page better and this pushes it to rank higher. Semantic or Semantically correct HTML is used to structure content appropriately so that they are displayed correctly. Higher-order functions are functions that operate on other functions. These functions either take other functions as arguments or return them and hence they are called higher-order functions.

To get around the fact that not all browsers support content served as XML, many XHTML files are actually served using the text/html MIME type. It informs the web browser about the type and version of HTML used in building the web document. While the HTML syntax for this statement is somewhat simple, you must note each version of HTML has its own rules. Cross Origin Resource Sharing refers to when secure data is being requested from a domain other than the domain from which the content is being served. First, I’d try to reduce the number of static assets in use overall.

Basic Front End Developer Interview Questions

Presenting yourself as a problem solver who knows how to get things done in a timely manner will make all the difference. Concatenation of scripts written in different strict modes might cause issues. We could try open-source libraries to handle the browser-specific styling issue. OPTIONSIt allows us to get information about the requests accepted by the server.43.

front-end developer interview questions

Right now, I’m very interested in learning Relay and GraphQL. Graceful degradation is more of a waterfall-oriented model, while Progressive Enhancement is more aligned with Agile and Iterative methods. Git and Subversion, though it’s been a while since I used the latter. The ability to create something out of nothing and then nurture it and see if grow and evolve, somewhat like being a gardener, but in which you are the creator of your own plants. One of the many interesting things I learned was to use instead of for loops, which reduces side effects, eg I am not creating a special variable just to be able iterate through a collection. Udacity is not an accredited university and we don’t confer traditional degrees.

What Technical Skills And Knowledge Will Be Covered In The Interview?

Standards is what allows me to use the same markup across many browsers and know with a reasonable amount of certainty that the page will render identically or similarly. It reduces the need for checking what user agent is in use and modifying the markup/code to suit. It also allow a completely new developer to come on board to a project and still be able write markup or code that is consistent with that of other developers. Before we get to specific questions, let’s first discuss the areas of proficiency that a frontend developer must demonstrate.

Intermediate Front End Developer Interview Questions And Answers

ID’s are generally used to style elements that only appear once on a page, such as one instance of a navigational menu. Classes are used to style multiple elements in the same fashion, such as the appearance of links. The POST request is commonly used to create data in the database. Hoisting is the default behavior of JS, which moves up the declaration of any variable at the top of its module or function scope, but the assignment of the variable will remain at the same position.

What Skills Do Frontend Developers Need To Demonstrate?

Although the role of front-end developers is always underplayed, they play a crucial role in web development. To save you some time in your preparations, we’ve compiled a list of behavioral interview questions that a Front-End Developer is likely to face. The first few are quite general, but they’re front-end developer tried and true. The last few are more directed to development concepts but are high-level enough that it’ll give the interviewer some insight into how you work and collaborate. Behavioral interview questions are focused on who you are as a developer, as a teammate, and as an individual.

Below are some broad categories that these questions fall into. If you like this article on best front-end interview questions or have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments box. HTTP RequestsDescriptionGETGET request is sent when we want to retrieve data from the server. It is the most commonly used HTTP request.POSTThe POST request is used to send data from the user to the server. It’s the job of the front-end developer to build a user interface that facilitates the visitor-website interaction.

Android Projects

If the developer has organized a multi-team project, which he is leading, this is a good insight into his leadership qualities. The workflow of a modern front-end developer has changed vastly in the past four or five years. A huge array of tools are available to build organized, scalable web applications by abstracting out many of the complexities and automating repetitive tasks. Each developer will share a different workflow which will give some insight into their organizational capacity and general technical preferences. Various small and big companies hire front-end developers to build UI interfaces for their web projects. Companies eye for developers who can create a UI that is convenient, responsive, and interactive on various devices.

It’s difficult because you want to gauge someone’s technical ability and knowledge, but also their creativity, originality, and drive. The key, then, is to ask questions that touch on technical issues, but also give the developer some space to express their ideas and communicate the unique elements they can bring to the role. In this article we lay out our 7 favorite interview questions for frontend developers, along with a higher-end summary of the topics you should touch on and the skills the candidate should demonstrate. HTML and CSS are the bedrock of a frontend’s developer toolkit, so it’s important that the interviewer probe the candidate’s knowledge of these programming languages.

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