Top 10 Live Streaming Platforms And Apps In 2022

These applications developed by audio and video streaming mobile app development services are capable of conducting live events like graduation and prom online. Plus, people also like more accessibility, so creating an app with the help of video and music streaming development companies. The live streaming application can be accessed for the user smartphone anywhere and at any time. You can build a live streaming app that broadcasts how users play games, how they talk about different things, or even how they simply answer questions online. The most popular live streaming apps are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Livestream, Periscope.

Ever since the video streaming or live streaming apps have bagged the limelight, there has been a sea of such apps in the market. According to the statistics presented by Uscreen, In March 2020, 22% of individuals in the U.S. and U.K. According to Forbes number of music app users increased at a tremendous rate and increased regularly.

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

Video streaming is one of the prime ways of entertainment in the current era. There are countless online channels, websites, and applications that cater to users with quality content. Do you know the live streaming industry is expected to be worth $184.3 billion by 2027?

So, we are well aware of the latest trends of the app industry with the right skills to integrate into the apps which are being developed. Viewers on a live video streaming app are usually quite active because such apps give a feeling of personal real-time interaction. If you want to make a video streaming service, think about adding a live streaming video feature. Since you are developing apps for live video streaming, the addition of geo-location tracking becomes essential. One can cite the example of Facebook Live that allows the user to know the current location of his friend.

Online Video Streaming Statistics

With the subscription-based model, the company continues scaling and investing in technological innovations. Customer Lifetime Value shows how much revenue you receive from repeat customers. This metric also helps to evaluate the quality of your product. If you can keep your average user for a year, then the revenue such users bring during the year is your CLV.

Hiring a better music app builder can take the right decision for your business. And to enhance the user experience in your app, you can add the social signup feature. Around 77% of users think that social signup is a great way of registration.

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

This media can also be live (e.g. podcasts or radio sessions) or pre-recorded (on-demand playback). Since audio files and feeds are smaller and less cumbersome on servers, such services are much easier to maintain and more affordable. Whether you’re playing mobile games or using your camera, it is easy to go live with just a few taps of the Streamlabs app.

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Our clients become recurring customers because we always go beyond their expectations to deliver the best solutions. Find a Tech Partner (e.g. like Stormotion) and start the development. Decide on the features you want to have on your website or app. To sum up everything we’ve talked about, why don’t we briefly summarize what steps you should take to build a streaming solution.

Streaming App Development Helpful Tips

If you don’t know what features your streaming app should contain, our next section will spell everything out. Media consumption patterns are constantly changing and becoming more and more digitized. Therefore, video content, as the most trending digital format type, is one of the best options for gaining attention, that is actually today’s new currency.

Therefore, the addition of the payment gateway option for making online transactions is also a key aspect that has to be developed. Hire video app developer from countries like America and UK can cost you more as they charge around 80 to 150 dollars per hour. But if you are sure about the requirement of your business and outsource the development process to any established development companies in countries like India. A basic viable product can cost you around 15,000 to 20,000 dollars.

He is known for his visionary qualities & adaptability to the latest technology and trends. Being passionate in every aspect, he is dedicated to offering smart mobile & web development solutions accessible and approachable for all business enterprises. Video SavingAll of your viewers may not be free at one time of the day. So, you need to find a way to help them watch live streaming content later. This is significantly high, and yes, this is a broad statistic. But, if we look closely, the segment of live video streaming is the fastest-growing segment, among others.

Music Streaming Statistics For 2019 And Beyond

You can grow your audience by simply getting connected through live broadcasts. Besides live broadcasting, the platform also supports OTT streaming. The video streaming platform is equipped with advanced analytics that helps in optimizing the end-user experience. Among all the other best music streaming apps, Tidal is expensive. Live video streaming is necessary if your content plan involves streaming live sports, news, debates, or other events.

If you can add this feature, you and your audience can exchange content in real-time on the application itself. Player API since it enables your developers to create a player that works seamlessly with customized mobile apps. Take a look at our article on why it’s worth developing your own online streaming platform.

The cost of developing an app like Netflix is around $15,000 to $30,000 per platform . Now, the cost varies according to your idea’s complexity and development hours. If you have made up your mind to build an on-demand video application, then consult with an experienced firm like us. Before you release a finished product into the application store, you should make sure that it is operating completely without problems. Video streaming app development enables the viewer to see events through the eyes of the one who initiated the live broadcast.

  • Most of the time, that’s something taken care of by streaming service software providers.
  • UStream has nearly 80 million users every month and is considered the largest live streaming platform.
  • Most of the market leaders have monetized their music streaming business with the subscription model.
  • Take a look at our article on why it’s worth developing your own online streaming platform.
  • Spdload has all the knowledge you need regarding choosing the best technologies for your live streaming video app development.
  • When you build a live video streaming app, the app’s core will be the server infrastructure for feeding video, managing content, and monitoring the system performance.
  • In 2008, Netflix finally introduced the Streaming service we know today.

The billion-dollar market of video streaming will help you harness maximum ROI from your unicorn startup idea. Moreover, it will also foster more customers, as well as investments. These stats clearly dictate that the trend of video streaming is currently growing at a remarkable pace.

They see app features as more of a branding opportunity and develop complex user experiences in order to differentiate themselves and engage their audience . Gamers – Live streaming platforms are equally serviceable for gamers as they can easily interact with fellow gamers and share their gaming techniques & experiences. Gamers make sure that streaming has excellent video management and security features. They use the live streaming platform to broadcast Esport events and tournaments in addition to gaming.

With the proper resources, users will be able to quickly access the desired content and enjoy it without interruption. Though a dedicated hosting server is a good place to start, we recommend also investing in a CDN like AWS or Cloudflare. Content delivery networks take the load off hosting servers and make content available faster to users in all parts of the world. In general, if we talk about the growth of the video streaming market, then it has where to develop. We see social media influencers, artists, speakers, and gamers going live on various platforms to interact with their audience and build their brand.

You Want To Add More Features

Make sure that the platform you choose to live stream is in deal with the partnership program to get benefited through affiliate sales. Make people pay for a cause – Letting your viewers donate during the live stream. Create an external donation link or enable the fundraising feature in your streaming platform through which your viewers can make their transactions.

Adding live streaming to your business increases consumer engagement and conversions. This live streaming platform can be utilized for promoting events, demonstrations, showcase innovations, attract employees and more. Enhance your professional group using the Wowza live streaming platform.

The main license providers are Irdeto, EZDRM, Expressplay, and Axinom. If you work with a company that can build your app on all the platforms you want, then it’ll probably how to create a live streaming app cost less than hiring a single developer for each platform. While there are several ways to monetize your app, the two most common methods are subscriptions and ad revenue.


The app development company with prior experience in developing music or video streaming apps can help you develop the competitive on-demand app. As you probably have a slight idea, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to video streaming app development. The price depends on the app’s design complexity, features, platform, technology stack, and development team that you choose. While the stages of a streaming app development seem pretty clear, there are some details that distinguish video streaming apps from other kinds of mobile applications. For video streaming app development, the majority of the big players in the market prefer to hire freelance video streaming developers. A large number of people get confused over the features, functionality, and feel which makes it difficult to choose the best Video Streaming App Developer.

On Hakuna, you can receive gifts from viewers even if you are not a host, you can join as guests. Screen sharing is another must-have feature in streaming application development. To share a screen on Android gadgets, you can use Chrome cast, and for AppleTV you can turn on Airplay to watch a video on TV. Every music streaming service has a remote server to which all the listeners using the platform are connected to. This simply means that a music track is not downloaded and stored in the listener’s device but is delivered as small packets of data.

Cost Factors Associated For The Streaming App Development

Viewers that follow famous streamers get a notification that a streamer went live. When the audience enters the stream, the hosting user gets more viewers. Many businesses need live streaming platforms to organize conferences, meetings, and other business events like launching a product.

Live Video Streaming App Development: Mvp Features

Get outsourcing rates in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as tips on how to choose the country for offshore development. A link to user support with up-to-date contact information and a link to your privacy policy is required for all apps. Submit items such as in-app events, custom product pages, and product page optimization tests without needing a new app version. Program License Agreement details your obligations and responsibilities for the use of Apple software and services. The latest agreement can be found on the Agreements and Guidelines page. You can also sign contracts with huge music labels to stream music whose copyrights belong to these labels.

The number of bugs has grown, and users started noticing them. Obviously, the absence of app crashes is one of the prerequisites of a successful video streaming application. The goal of live streaming is to bring in more audience to your business. The concept of live video streaming is getting more popularised almost in every industry. Here are some suggestions on who will benefit through live streaming.

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